1. Company’s background
    We are MENU PARTNER PLT, a company incorporated in Malaysia under the registration number LLP0015822-LGN and our business address is B-09-14, Condominium Nilam Puri, Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, 47100 Puchong.
    Tel. No. : 6019-822 5393.

  2. Terms of use
    Definition of terms
    “Company” refers to MENU PARTNER PLT,otherwise known as halalmenuhub.com.my.
    “Account” means the account that the Customer and Merchant register when they logged on to halalmenuhub.com.my
    “Coupons” can be used to purchase grocery items and items at halalmenuhub.com.my. It cannot be used for promotional items. Halalmenuhub.com.my’s coupons come with its own terms and conditions.
    “Contract i.e. Order of a Product and/or Products” refers to the Customer’s agreement to the Terms & Conditions set forth herein pertaining to the sale and purchase of a Product.
    “Customer” refers to the person that opens an Account with the Company and proceeds to purchase any items/goods herein known as Products.
    “Merchant” is a term assigned to person(s) that halalmenuhub.com.my provide a platform with which to sell their items/goods, henceforth known as halalmenuhub.com.my. Halalmenuhub.com.my reserves the right to share the Customer’s information with the Merchant where delivery of a Product is concerned “Order” is the information keyed in by the Customer into the Company’s Online Order Form as part of their registration that ultimately leads to the checkout of the Product.
    “Product” refers to the items and/or goods on halalmenuhub.com.my’s website for the purpose of sale. Product also refers to items that halalmenuhub.com.my sell. Only Customers aged 18 and above are allowed to make purchases on the Company’s website. Those aged 17 and below will require parents’ permission before making a purchase.

    These Terms & Conditions shall apply to all Orders & Contracts for the sale and purchase of Products. By entering this Agreement, the Company, Merchant and Customer have explicitly acknowledged the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. This by no means includes representation, undertaking and promise that are implied between Company, Merchant and Customer unless specifically stated in the Terms & Conditions. Portions of these Terms & Conditions may be removed, added, modified or changed at any time at the Company’s discretion without prior notice. The Customer and/or Merchant’s continued use of halalmenuhub.com.my’s website after removals, additions, modifications and/or changes have been made to the website means that they have accepted such changes without any discrimination whatsoever on halalmenuhub.com.my’s part. The Customer also waives their right to assert any claim as to the representation or information contained herein in relation to the appearance, dimensions, performance and any other aspects of the items i.e. Products displayed on halalmenuhub.com.my.

  3. Terms of sale/payment

    3.1 Customers and Merchants will need to create an Account with halalmenuhub.com.my in order to procure goods and to sell goods respectively. The management of the Account will be at the Company’s behest, meaning that if any false information is entered by the Customer and Merchant, the Company has the right, without prior notice, to terminate the Account. Customers and Merchants must ensure that the information they enter is accurate at all times, and if there are changes to be made, the Customer and Merchant must update such information. The safekeeping of passwords and other account identifiers rests solely on the Customer and Merchant and as such, the Company may not be held liable for any unauthorised use of Customers’ and Merchants’ passwords. However, if such a case arises, the Customer and Merchant must notify halalmenuhub.com.my so that prompt action e.g. suspension of Account, among others, will be taken.

    3.2 Sale of products Customers must first log on to their Accounts to place an Order. Payment for products shall be made online. A Sale will only take place once the Product is delivered to the Customer and the amount/price of the Product is deducted during the online transaction.

    3.3 Sale of Merchants’ items Customers must first log on to their Accounts to place an Order. Customers must key in the necessary information on the Order Form. The payment method for products purchased from Merchants is online payment. Once an Order has been made, an Order confirmation will be sent by the Merchant to the Customer via email. Orders will be managed by Merchants, which include shipping arrangements. Merchants will have their own guidelines for free shipping. Shipping fee for items purchased from Merchants is dependent on weight. Halalmenuhub.com.my reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed.

    3.4 Customers purchasing Products from Merchants Customer purchasing from halalmenuhub.com.my must make their payments online. If the Customer has paid for their Order, but the Product has yet to be delivered to them, the Customer has the option to cancel the Order. Customers will be refunded in the manner which they paid for in the first place. Refunding will take a minimum of 14 working days and a maximum of 30 working days.

    3.5 Due to circumstances that could not be prevented, the details, descriptions and prices of one or more Products may be erroneously printed on our website. The customer may have the right to either reconfirm their Order with the correct detail and/or description and at the correct price, or they may choose to cancel their Order. Customers must promptly contact halalmenuhub.com.my at 6019-822 5393 to reconfirm their Order or to make the cancellation. The right to reject or cancel any Order is solely at the discretion of halalmenuhub.com.my.

    3.6 In the case of a mispriced Product, halalmenuhub.com.my will refund the amount paid by the customer for the said item. Customers must contact the Company in order to receive further instructions. Customers have the option of cancelling the order. Please refer to halalmenuhub.com.my’s Returns, Replacement & Refund Policy for further information on making a cancellation. However, the right to reject or terminate any Order for any reason at any given time rests solely on halalmenuhub.com.my.

    3.7 Payment must be made in Malaysian Ringgit. Payment method is online payment. The methods of payments and the terms attached to them are as follows :

    3.7.1 Credit Card The Customer can choose to pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card. This applies to grocery items sold by halalmenuhub.com.my and Products sold at halalmenuhub.com.my. Acceptable credit cards are all MasterCard and Visa credit cards which are 3D Secure-(verified by MasterCard and Visa Secure)enabled. Industry-leading encryption standards govern the protection of customer credit card information contained in Customers’ cards. If the Customer holds a MasterCard and/or Visa issued outside of Malaysia, an additional surcharge is applicable due to foreign exchange.

    3.7.2 Debit Card The Customer can also choose a Visa or MasterCard debit card as a method of payment. However, this is dependent on bank availability. Industry-leading encryption standards govern the protection of data contained in Customers’ cards. This form of payment also applies to products sold by halalmenuhub.com.my and Products sold at halalmenuhub.com.my.

    3.7.3 Online bank transfers This form of payment only applies to Products sold at halalmenuhub.com.my. Online banking method is acceptable for the following banks: Maybank2u Online, CIMB Clicks Online, Alliance Online, AmBank Online, Hong Leong Bank Online, RHB Online, Mobile Money, Web Cash, Financial Process Exchange (a multi-bank internet-based online payment hub, jointly developed by Financial Institutions and owned by MEPS. Participating banks are Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Public Bank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank Berhad and RHB Bank Berhad).

    3.7.4 For the time being, halalmenuhub.com.my does not offer payment by instalments.

    3.7.5 To summarise for products sold at halalmenuhub.com.my: There is only one method of payment, which is online payment.

    3.8 Orders that have been made by mistake If the customer has inadvertently clicked on a Product not of their choosing after making an online submission to halalmenuhub.com.my, please promptly contact the Company’s customer service helpline at 6019-822 5393. We will try our best to resolve any issues. However, we will not liable for customer error out of their own doing. This applies to Customers refusing to accept the Product after it has been delivered to them, among others. If such a case arises, the amount paid for the Product shall be forfeited, unless the Customer promptly requests for a replacement of the Product. If the Customer clicked on a Product but changes their mind before clicking on ‘Buy Now’, they can cancel their Order by going to My Cart under their account and click on ‘Remove’.

    3.9 Payment to customers who ask for a refund For customers who have made a payment for their orders, but faced issues e.g. late delivery and want a refund, they will be refunded in the manner which they paid for in the first place. The time required for halalmenuhub.com.my to make the refund will be a minimum of 14 working days and a maximum of 30 working days. Customers who want a refund but do not want the amount to be credited via their original method of payment have the option of having the amount paid credited to their halalmenuhub.com.my accounts.